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Photography Tips

The best method is to take photos specifically for the portrait. Here are some tips to achieve the best results. We prefer photos digitally, but will take original photographs which will be returned to you with the finished product.


Try to take the photo from the level of the animal and not have the animal looking up at you. Take plenty of facial shots, with their face filling the frame. A slightly angled pose can sometimes be better than the animal looking directly into the lens. You can have someone hold the animal in place if you are unable to get them to stay – but try not too get too much of the persons body blocking the animal. Try to capture the most characteristic pose or expression of your animal.


The best lighting is natural outside light. Try not to take the photo inside with a flash, as the animals eyes will be obscured. Try to avoid direct sunlight, as too much will create shadows hiding many features of the animal. If you animal has a black coat however, sometimes more light will bring about subtle colour variances to the coat.

The quality of the portrait is solely dependent on the photograph you take. If the image you send is obscured or blurry, the artwork may consist of a lot of guesswork – the results may therefore not please.

This is the only photo I have!

The artists understand that sometimes your favourite pet has gone to animal heaven and you always meant to take some good snaps. They will endeavour to recreate your favourite pet from pictures you have available, however the likeness may not be as good.

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