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Instructions on Caring for your Pastel Portrait

Pastels are different from most fine art materials in that the painting is easily smudged. We prefer not to use too much of the spray pastel fixatives as we find that a lot of the detail of the painting is lost: therefore your painting is finished but unfixed.


We have packed your painting carefully and encourage you to inspect it thoroughly; however we would recommend you not remove it from the sleeve, your framer will do this. We would suggest you take it straight to your framers, and advise them that the portrait has been painted in soft pastels and is unfixed. Most framers will be experienced in framing pastels and will give you advice on how they will frame your painting and you can choose which style and colour frame you would like to suit your decor. They will know how to use good spacers or mats between the painting and the glass.


Also from what we've heard, it's a much better idea to use glass than plastic for framing a pastel, since plastic tends to have more of a static charge (which can pull pastel dust like a magnet).


Some reasons why not to try framing the painting yourself.

1) Works on paper tend to suffer more from humidity effects, mildew, and foxing when pressed right up against the glass


2) Pastel dust naturally tends to transfer off from the paper and onto the glass when not in place properly.



If you still want to frame it yourself we recommend that you use at least double matting and spacers.


We can organise framing for you at an extra cost.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at


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